How to Reset Amazon Paperwhite When Locked

This post pertains to my child’s 7th gen paperwhite.

As they no longer use it, I wanted to factory reset the device before selling but it was locked with parental control.

Use this method to reset the device:

  • Step #1 – do not delete your child’s profiles attached to your account
  • Step #2 – if the device does not have a SCREENLOCK CODE, create it first
    • a) slide your finger from top of the screen to open up the menu
    • b) click on ALL SETTINGS icon
    • c) click on DEVICE OPTIONS
    • d) click on DEVICE PASSCODE
    • e) set the passcode to whatever you want
  • Step #3 – click on the X (upper right screen) to exit to the main screen
  • Step #4 – press the power button (near the charging port on the bottom) twice
  • Step #5 – from the passcode screen, enter 111222777

Entering 111222777 will factory reset the device.

If you are selling, log in to your Amazon account and DEREGISTER this device.

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