Hello Verizon FIOS – part 2

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INSTALLATION – Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Box

  1. Now that the fiber was pulled into my garage, Verizon FIOS technician proceeded to install the ONT box.  This particular model connects 1 RG6 or coax (internet + video) plus 2 POTS (phone lines via CAT5) with battery backup.  (by the way, my spaghetti electrical lines look that way because just prior to Verizon FIOS tech, I installed some plywood panels).
  2. Verizon FIOS - mounting bracket install

  3. Because I wanted to concurrently run Verizon FIOS internet and Cablevision’s Optimum internet, I asked the technician to simply install extra cable splitters (shown below).  White cable carries Verizon FIOS signals; black cable carries Cablevision’s signals (Another note:  ensure that your technician check and if necessary, replace any “sucked out” cable connectors.  Check out this blog post for more info).
  4. Verizon FIOS - installing splitters

  5. At this point, we went down to my “man cave / office” in the basement to install a router and run some initial diagnostic software.
  6. After my technician left, I did a speed comparison test and was pleased with the result
  7. Speed test - Optimum Online

  8. Optimum Online testing showed tremendous bandwidth, until I realized that the test was done around 11pm during school night 😉
  9. Speed Test - FIOS 15/5

  10. Verizon FIOS also showed tremendous bandwidth as well; perhaps a larger bandwidth is assigned to new customers for a short period of time? 😉
  11. Speed Test - FIOS 25/25

  12. Verizon FIOS with upgraded 25/25 package indicated slower upload speed, but since I rarely upload large files, this really wasn’t an issue for me. Besides, I got upgraded to a faster internet speed for free so I can’t really complain 🙂

** UPDATE: FEBRUARY 1 2011 **
A lot of people emailed me about the actual fee differences between Cablevision Triple Play vs Verizon FIOS. Check out this post to see the actual (redacted) bills

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