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dell e6510 -Solving Yellow Bang Broadcom USH Device after Fresh Windows 7 Install

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Problem: After installing, you see a “yellow bang or exclamation icon next to BROADCOM USH DEVICE CODE 28” under Device Manager

Cause: Most likely due to Broadcom

  • Make sure Windows SP1 is installed
  • Make sure .Net Framework 3.5 is installed
  • Download “ControlValutDriver w/o Fingerprint sensor” executable (dated October 2015) – Dell download link is here at (direct link
  • Reboot and the icon will disappear

You will want to check Windows Update to apply security patches to .Net Framework 3.5, then auto upgrade to .Net 4.7.2

Solution to your trouble with HP zr2740w monitor with HP Elitebook 8560w?

Monday, March 12th, 2012

I needed some additional screen real estate to efficiently handle coding / graphics design work so I decided to purchase an external monitor for my HP Elitebook 8560w Workstation Notebook (without a docking station)).

I ultimately decided to purchase HP zr2740w 27″ LED monitor over Dell Ultra Sharp 27″, Apple Cinema Display 27″ and HP’s own 2711x because:

  1. zr2740w has superior IPS panel (advantage over 2711x);
  2. zr2740w has higher resolution at 2550×1440 WQHD (advantage over 2711x with 1920×1080 HD);
  3. zr2740w has superior LED lighting vs LCD lighting (advantage over Dell and Apple);
  4. zr2740w has cheaper price than Apple or Dell;
  5. zr2740w has a three year warranty (advantage over Apples one year warranty)

I purchased the monitor directly from HP Direct because:

  1. they offered free overnight shipping;
  2. offered a discounted price ($679 as of March 10, 2012)

Yes, I could have avoided paying sales tax by purchasing from an online retailer but HP offered 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  On top of that, if you made a purchase with an Amex OPEN credit card, you could receive up to 10% cash rebate (5% for purchases less than $1,000; 10% for $1,000 or higher purchase) from American Express.

Anyway, my excitement quickly turned sour when I hooked it up to my HP Elitebook 8560w workstation notebook (XU083UT#ABA) via the DisplayPort cable (included with the monitor).  All I could see was a (lighted) empty screen and no matter how much I tried tweaking the Windows 7 Professional display configuration, the external screen did not display any data.  After 30 minutes of frustration, I finally called the HP Small Business tech support (800.334.5144).

He made me go through the usual battery of questions to triage the problem:

1.  What is the notebook configuration (Model XU083UT#ABA, BIOS f.20, 16 GB memory, ATI m5950 1GB v.ersion 8.850.7.3000 – 20111116

2.  Is the master power switch on (in addition to the soft power on/off switch in front of the monitor, there is a physical on/off switch where the power cord gets plugged in)?

3. Is the DisplayPort cable HP OEM part (there are some incompatibility issues with third-party DP cables) and tightly plugged in?

4. Reset the BIOS to factory default

5. Try using a DVI or VGA cords (could not try DVI because my notebook does not come with one;  could not try VGA because the monitor does NOT come with a VGA port!)?

6.  Run scanning tools from here ( using the Internet Explorer (the scan did not work; app got stuck and got nowhere);

7.  Reset the monitor to factory configuration by unplugging the monitor from power, then hold the power button for 60sec while plugging in the power cord.

When I mentioned that googling “HP Elitebook 8560w zr2740w problem” produced results with people who are having same problems (with questions being posted at hp forums to boot with HP engineers providing a beta display driver!), the tech agent told me he would escalate my case to a level 2 support agent.

An hour later, a level 2 agent sent me an email with an ftp link to SP56103.exe file with the caveat that it is in BETA and that a final driver will be published at the end of March 2012.

When I was waiting, I found the newest AMD Catalyst Control Center (CCC) software (v.3.00.0851) here and got my monitor to work (you may encounter some installation error messages; just ignore them and reboot) so I did not try the SP56103 driver.  I will uninstall my latest CCC app and install the final driver from HP later.

Now that the monitor is working (FHD or 1920×1080 on my notebook and 2560×1440 WQHD on my external monitor), I can get some serious work done!

How to fix blurry or fuzzy DIYtheme header image

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

DIYtheme has a nifty feature where it resizes your uploaded header image or logo based on page width (s1+s2+content columns). Unfortunately, that means if your logo is created with 150 dpi or lower, your logo might look fuzzy or blurry.

Rather than battling back and forth with resizing your logo (very frustrating), simply recreate your logo with 300 dpi or higher and save it as a .png file. That will most likely solve the blurry logo issue.

Neat little tools for your website

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Want to know how fast your site loads from around the world?  Check out this free tool:

Troubleshooting why your site is loading slow?  Check out this fantastic free tool (more extensive than traceroute):

It normally takes up to 24 hours to populate the DNS change.  Use this FREE tool to check:

if using Windows, type in “cmd” command prompt, then type “ipconfig /flushdns”.  check the ip address to make sure that it is pointing to the new server.

DIYtheme and PHP fatal error

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Well, I was cruising along, making nice changes to my DIY Theme template when all of sudden, bam! I was faced with this error message:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/kevin201/public_html/allthumbsdiy/wp-content/themes/thesis_18b1/custom/custom_functions.php:292) in /home/kevin201/public_html/allthumbsdiy/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

Thankfully, I have been getting into a good habit of backing up my two critical files, custom.css and custom-functions.php, BEFORE making any changes so I knew I could always fall back on my latest archive to make this error message go away (oh yeah, you need to make sure you can get to these files from your cpanel, not just through wp-admin/DIY Theme).

But I first wanted to find out what caused this error message to pop up all of sudden. Researching on the internet pointed me to a rather simple, potential root cause: a blank space immediately preceeding the “<?php” tag or a blank space immediately following the “?>” closing tag.

If you have a dreamweaver, you can copy the entire custom-fuctions.php file to a notepad, save as test.php (make sure to choose the file type as “all files”) then imported in. that will conveniently tell you which line has the offending blank space.

Otherwise, if you don’t have DW, just to a quick find in notepad for all php tags.

After spending little of 15 minutes, I was able to resolve this problem. Maybe it will help you as well?