How to Reactivate an Expired Domain Name with NameCheap

NameCheap has been around for ages and they are a solid, tier 1 registrar.

So it’s no surprise that they give you a 30 day grace period to renew your domain name after its expiration (some other registrars grab expired domain names and either charges a lot of money to renew and send them to their in-house auction market).

However, there can be some confusion when renewing an expired domain name with NameCheap.

I believe for the first 10 days or so, you can just add the expired domain name to your cart and RENEW.

For domain names that have expired from 11 to 30 days ago, you need to REACTIVATE them.

It used to be that reactivation would allow to proceed to renewals but NameCheap changed the process.

Now, reactivation process renews the domain name.

Steps to reactivate and renew your expired domain name

  • Step # 1 – log into your NameCheap account (BTW, I highly recommend you turn on the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) feature to secure your account)
  • Step # 2 – Click on the EXPIRING/EXPIRED link from the left navigation bar

  • Step # 3 – add the expired domain name to the shopping cart
  • Step # 4 – In the shopping cart, the section just under the domain name is called a “PROCESS ORDER TYPE” and it should say REACTIVATION. Click on Confirm to place the order.

Note that if you placed your expired domain name in the shopping cart during first 10 days into the expiration, the process order type will say RENEW. If you try to process the shopping cart when your domain name is not 11+ days into expiration, the order will fail. In that case, you need to first delete the expired domain name from the shopping cart, then re-add it.

Hope this helps.

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