FutureLearn is an innovative online learning platform that offers a diverse range of courses and programs in collaboration with leading universities and institutions from around the world. With a mission to make education more accessible and flexible, FutureLearn provides a dynamic learning environment where learners can explore a wide variety of subjects, from arts and sciences to business and technology. The platform features both free and paid courses, with the option to earn certificates or even full degrees in some cases. FutureLearn is known for its interactive approach to learning, which includes discussion forums, quizzes, and assignments, enabling learners to engage with course content and their peers. With a commitment to lifelong learning and continuous skill development, FutureLearn is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and advance their careers in the digital age.


The cost of courses on FutureLearn can vary depending on the specific course or program you choose, as well as whether you want to earn a certificate or access additional features. Here are some common pricing options on FutureLearn:

  1. Free Courses: Many courses on FutureLearn can be audited for free, allowing you to access course materials and content without any cost.
  2. Upgraded Certificates: If you want to receive a verified certificate upon course completion, you may need to pay a fee. The cost of upgraded certificates varies by course but typically ranges from around $39 to $99 or more.
  3. Programs and Microcredentials: FutureLearn offers more in-depth programs, microcredentials, and online degrees that may have higher tuition costs. These costs can vary significantly depending on the program and the institution offering it.
  4. Unlimited Access: Some courses and programs offer a paid “Unlimited” option that provides extended access to course materials, allowing you to revisit content after the course ends.
  5. Free Trials: FutureLearn may offer free trial periods for certain premium features or programs, allowing you to explore paid content for a limited time.

It’s important to note that while you can access course materials for free, upgrading to receive a certificate or enrolling in more advanced programs may incur additional costs. The specific pricing for each course or program can be found on the FutureLearn website, and financial aid options may also be available for some learners to reduce the cost of paid certificates or programs.

Free Courses

FutureLearn offers a wide range of courses across various categories, and many of them can be audited for free. Here are some common categories and subject areas where you can find free courses on FutureLearn:

  1. Arts and Humanities: Courses in areas such as literature, history, philosophy, and art history.
  2. Science and Nature: Topics include physics, chemistry, environmental science, and more.
  3. Business and Management: Courses on entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, and business strategy.
  4. Health and Medicine: Subjects like healthcare, mental health, nursing, and public health.
  5. Education: Explore courses related to teaching and educational practices.
  6. Social Sciences: Topics such as psychology, sociology, and political science.
  7. Technology and Coding: Courses covering programming, web development, data science, and digital skills.
  8. Mathematics and Statistics: Free courses in mathematics, statistics, and data analysis.
  9. Language Learning: Learn new languages or improve your language skills with free language courses.
  10. Personal Development: Courses on personal growth, well-being, and self-improvement.
  11. Career Development: Explore courses related to job skills, career planning, and professional development.
  12. Teaching and Learning: Courses designed for educators and teachers to enhance their teaching methods.
  13. Science Fiction and Literature: Unique courses on science fiction and literary analysis.
  14. Digital Marketing: Learn about digital marketing strategies and tactics.
  15. Environmental Science: Courses related to sustainability, climate change, and environmental conservation.

Please note that the availability of free courses in these categories may change over time, and some courses may offer optional paid features or certifications. To find specific free courses in your area of interest, you can visit the FutureLearn website and explore their course catalog.

Free Math Courses

The availability of free math courses on FutureLearn may change over time, but they often offer a variety of free courses in mathematics and related subjects. Here are some examples of math-related courses that have been available for free on FutureLearn:

  1. “Maths Subject Knowledge: Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages” by National STEM Learning Centre: This course is designed to improve your understanding of fractions, decimals, and percentages, particularly for teaching mathematics.
  2. “Maths Subject Knowledge: Proportion, Ratio, and Scaling” by National STEM Learning Centre: Explore the concepts of proportion, ratio, and scaling in this free course.
  3. “Maths Subject Knowledge: Understanding Numbers” by National STEM Learning Centre: Improve your foundational knowledge of numbers and number systems.
  4. “Maths Subject Knowledge: Place Value and Decimal Fractions” by National STEM Learning Centre: Dive into the concepts of place value and decimal fractions.
  5. “Maths Subject Knowledge: Understanding Shape and Space” by National STEM Learning Centre: Learn about geometry, spatial reasoning, and shape concepts.
  6. “Maths Subject Knowledge: Understanding Algebra” by National STEM Learning Centre: Explore fundamental algebraic concepts.
  7. “Maths Subject Knowledge: Proportion and Algebra” by National STEM Learning Centre: This course combines proportion and algebra topics.
  8. “Teaching Primary Science: Chemistry” by National STEM Learning Centre: While focused on teaching primary science, this course may include mathematical concepts related to chemistry.

Please note that the availability of free math courses on FutureLearn may vary by region and may change over time. I recommend visiting the FutureLearn website and using their search and filtering options to find current free math courses in your area of interest.

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