Reviews – DZS Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Monday, May 14th, 2012

I purchased DZS Video Gallery plugin for WordPress because of its flexible ability to rotate videos and could not find suitable alternatives in area.

It cost just $15 (one site only) so the price was okay, but it was fairly difficult to configure it as a newbie non-coder.  Because I was experiencing the very same problems (blank video screen, no navigation, etc.)  faced by numerous other purchasers (, and what seems like a lack of support from the seller, I was ready to throw in the towel after couple of hours.

But, as I said before, I could not find suitable alternatives so I decided to give it another try before asking Envato (marketplace administrator) to issue me a refund.


* WordPress 3.3.1 (self-hosted – NOT part of WordPress.COM)

* Studiopress Genesis Framework (v.1.8.1) with Magazine theme (v.2.0)

* WordPress plugins:

  • Akismet
  • Contact Form 7
  • Dynamic Content Gallery (
  • DVZ Video Gallery
  • Google Analytics and XML sitemaps
  • Sociable
  • Social Media Widget


For the purposes of testing DZS Video Gallery plugin, I created a short Youtube playlist containing 4 videos. Following the author’s instructions, I grabbed the youtube playlist ID and other information and entered into the plugin but no matter which configuration I tried, I was simply getting a black screen in my web page.


#1 – I knew some problems can arise when there is a conflict between plugins.   I figured if there was a conflict, it would have been between the Dynamic Content Gallery and DZS Video Gallery due to javascript resources.  Thankfully, Dynamic Content Gallery plugin came with 2 Javascript Framework methods:  Mootools (default) and jQuery.

My DCG was defaulting to Mootools, so I changed it to jQuery and I saw immediately that DZS video screen was displaying some navigation controls.  Good sign.  I then proceeded to instruct DZS to let Flash Handle Feeds (The very last field before IMPORT – choose “on”) and voila, my video was up and running.

DZS Video Gallery Plugin Review - How to Make It Work 1


DZS Video Gallery Plugin Review - How to Make It Work 2


DZS Video Gallery Plugin Review - How to Make It Work 3


DZS Video Gallery Plugin Review - How to Make It Work 1


DZS Video Gallery Plugin Review - How to Make It Work 5


DZS Video Gallery Plugin Review - How to Make It Work 5


#2 – The second problem I faced was after inserting a logo to my screen.  When I clicked on it, a new browser opened up and went to  The author was kind enough to state that I needed to change the URL in the field name called LogoLink located in the gallery.xml file (path:  dzs video gallery –> deploy –> gallery.xml).  Just make sure to change the value to your destination URL for all 4 gallery XML files (gallery.xml, gallery2.xml, gallery3.xml, and gallery4.xml).  If you have cPanel, you can use it’s online editor.  Otherwise, grab a free Notepad++ to make changes and use an FTP client like Filezilla to ftp over new files.

DZS Video Gallery plugin - logoLink value change


As a newbie, this plugin was not easy to configure but if offers functions that other free plugins do not offer at the present time. Do I recommend it?  Yes,  but make sure to bring plenty of patience!

BTW, the plugin still does not rotate videos.