How to Link Full Size Images in WordPress Gutenberg

By default, WordPress (Gutenberg edition) inserts images without allowing to click to a larger size.

Because you need to ensure that page load speed is as quick as possible, we all tend to shrink the image size down to 50 or 75% so this can be a frustrating experience for your readers to not be able to clearly see what you are showing.


  • You can make the image clickable (to a larger size) either by choosing “Media File” or “Attachment Page” when adding your image.
  • I believe there is a slight SEO advantage by using attachment page so I prefer to use this method


  • STEP # 1 – add image to your WordPress post
  • STEP # 2 – Click on the Hyperlink icon
  • STEP # 3 – Click on the “Attachment Page” link
  • STEP # 4 – If you want a larger image to open up in a new window, you can click on the CAPTION section which will open up a mini pop-up with another chain link icon (I do not recommend this method as it tends to clutter user’s screen)


That’s it! Of course, if you are using WordPress’ Classic Editor, it can all be done with a bunch of clicks or manual coding.

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