Gzip Setup in WordPress- How to Enable without a Plugin

What is Gzip? Gzip stands for “GNU zip.” (“GNU” stands for “GNU’s Not Unix”; it is a recursive acronym and no one knows the actual abbreviation). Gzip is a file compression program launched in 1983 by Richard Stallman to create a completely free and open-source operating system (“public domain software”). Gzip is widely used by … Read more

Website Grading Tools

You can uses these free tools to measure and improve your WordPress website: Website Speed Test Site Description Link Gift of Speed (Page Speed) Free page speed audit of your website Direct link to GiftOfSpeed.com Page Speed Google PageSpeed Insights Analyzes the website and provides suggestions to improve its speed and user experience Direct link … Read more

The “Best” WordPress Hosting for 2023

The definition of “best” depends on your unique situation. There are tons of great sites with lots of good information, I am going to present you with three recommendations so that you do not get caught in the analysis-by-paralysis situation. Intro Assuming that you are looking to publish a blog to start making money online, … Read more