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My USB Mouse in No Longer Recognized by Chromebook

Sunday, December 4th, 2022

If your mouse is suddenly not recognized by your Chromebook, there are few methods to try and solve this issue.

I suspect there is a driver issue with Chromebook OS (Build 108.0.5359.75) so installing a brand new mouse may not necessarily resolve this issue.

Method #1 – try your “non-working” mouse on another PC

  • If your mouse is not recognized by another PC, either your battery is dead or transceiver/mouse is broken
    • Insert a fresh battery and try again
    • Logitech provides 1 or 2 year warranty on their mouse devices; if you do not have a receipt, Logitech may replace a single device as a courtesy (meaning you cannot submit a bunch of broken devices without receipts). You can submit your warranty claim here
  • If your mouse is recognized by another PC, proceed to Method #2

Method #2 – Chromebook refresh/reset

Most school-issued Chromebooks are locked down so you cannot turn on the Linux IDE feature so your reset options are limited. Follow these steps and see if your problem gets resolved.

  • Log out and power down your Chromebook
  • Disconnect all peripherals (HDMI, USB-C, etc.)
  • Wait 3 minutes
  • Hold down the REFRESH key (semi-circle with an arrow, usually an F5 key) and the POWER button to turn on your Chromebook
  • Once your screen displays either a Google or Chromebook logo, release both keys
  • Log into your Chromebook
  • Plug in your “non-working” mouse transceiver to see if is recognized
  • If your mouse is still not recognized, proceed to Method #3

Method #3 – Purchase a new mouse

This may sound crazy but when my daughter was experiencing this same problem, I gave her a brand mouse (same make/model) but it also did not work.

Curious, I tried that brand new mouse on my PC and saw that it was working fine.

So I got even more curious so I took my existing mouse, which happened to be the same make and model as the new replacement mouse I gave to my daughter, and tried on her Chromebook and it worked!?


Without “jailbreaking” her Chromebook and digging and find out what is going on, I am left to wonder if that USB port will ultimately fail sometime in the future.

If you purchased a warranty through school, it is definitely worth getting your child’s Chromebook replaced before something else goes wrong.