How to Upload Files in cPanel


cPanel is a popular web hosting control panel used for managing websites and hosting accounts. cPanel is most often provided by shared hosting companies like Hostgator and BlueHost. In this post, I will show you how to upload files to your website or edit htaccess file using cPanel’s “file manager” What is cPanel? In essence, … Read more

Hostgator vs Cloudways

HostGator and Cloudways are both web hosting providers, but they cater to different segments of the market and offer distinct types of hosting services. Here’s a classification based on their primary features and target audiences: HostGator Type: Traditional Shared Hosting ProviderTarget Audience: Ideal for beginners, small businesses, bloggers, and those who require simple web hosting … Read more

The “Best” WordPress Hosting for 2023

The definition of “best” depends on your unique situation. There are tons of great sites with lots of good information, I am going to present you with three recommendations so that you do not get caught in the analysis-by-paralysis situation. Intro Assuming that you are looking to publish a blog to start making money online, … Read more

Reviews – Hostgator

Hostgator Review Hostgator RocksIf you are aiming at building any kind of business from your website, the first thing that you will need is choose a best hosting company that satisfies all your need and charge as per your budget. There is one web hosting company named as Hostgator that will offer you world-class web … Read more

Hostgator – Upgrading or canceling an account

If you took advantage of the promo pricing but have been a Hostgator customer for a while, it might pay off to review what the current monthly payment to see if there is a cost saving opportunity.   Upgrading my account: Canceling my account: