Yoda’s Quotes

“Do or do not. There is no try.” This quote is a simple lesson in commitment and the power in giving something our all—not just giving it a try. “You must unlearn what you have learned.” As creatures of habit, we tend to love our routines and our go-to methods. But sometimes, we have to … Read more

Advertisers for Low Traffic Websites

Monumetric Minimum Pageviews: 10k Application process is slow Google certified Partner for Ad Optimization – yes Ezoic Minimum Pageviews: 10k Wants ability to add or delete content Google certified Partner for Ad Optimization – yes Clickio.com https://www.reddit.com/r/adops/comments/vi0i7e/clickio_what_are_your_thoughts/ Google certified Partner for Ad Optimization – unknown Playwire.com Minimum Pageviews: 500k+ for website; 1k users for apps … Read more

How to Know If Your PC has been Hacked

Security Tools Intezer.com – upload files to analyze malware signature (free) Systernals (Microsoft-owned) – Analytze Windows processes (Systernals Suite) Trend Micro – Anti Malware Tools for Home Users (Trend Micro) Microsoft CMD.EXE (Run as Admin) – netstat shows you list of applications and what they are listing (use triggers -b -o for more info)

Social Media Widget – Getting Your Custom Icons to Work

Social Media Widget, created by Brian, has to be one of the coolest widgets out there to handle all your social network connections.  It comes with lots of features out of the box but it is dynamic enough to allow end users to easily customize on their own. As I was creating one of my … Read more

How to Create Drop Caps in Genesis and Thesis

Drop cap is simple enlarging the first letter of a body of text to draw readers attention. It is a very popular effect used in magazines and newspapers as well as online content because it is attractive and effective. OVERVIEW There are many different ways of accomplishing this task but the most effective way I … Read more