Website Grading Tools

You can uses these free tools to measure and improve your WordPress website:

Website Speed Test

Gift of Speed (Page Speed)Free page speed audit of your websiteDirect link to Page Speed
Google PageSpeed InsightsAnalyzes the website and provides suggestions to improve its speed and user experienceDirect link to Google PageSpeed Insights
GTmetrixAnalyzes your website’s speed and provides detailed reports on page load time, page size, and other performance metricsDirect link to GTmetrix
PingdomTest your website’s speed and uptime, and it also provides performance insights and recommendations;Direct link to Pingdom Tools
UpTrends Speed Testlimited free toolDirect link UpTrends
Web Page TestTest your website’s speed from different locations and browsers, and it also provides detailed performance reportsDirect link to
Website GraderHubSpot owned speed testing toolDirect link to
YSlowAnalyzes web pages and provides suggestions for improving their performance.Chrome browser extension only

Other Tools

CLS Debugger (Google)Cumulative Layout Shift detectordirect link to CLS Debugger
Cloudflare Speed TestRun tests with synthetic data to identify opportunities to improve performance; need to create a FREE account and access via dashboard
DareboostAnalyzes your website’s speed and provides insights on how to optimize it for better performanceNOT FREE
Gift of SpeedCheck for Gzip and Brotli compression;direct link to Gzip / Brotli Test
Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics can help you identify which pages on your website are slow and which ones are causing high bounce rates
K6 (formerly Load Impact)Simulate high traffic loads on your website to identify performance issues and bottlenecks; 50 free cloud testing per accountdirect link to Load Testing
Optimizes images by compressing them without reducing their quality, reducing page load times; 100MB free
direct link to
Site24x7Performance Monitoring Solution for DevOps and IT Operations.;direct link to Site24x7 free tools

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