Creating and uploading a new logo

Like most people, you probably want to spend some time making your site look “cool”.

Well, I am here to tell you that you should spend no more than 1 hour designing and uploading your new logo to your site.  Making the site look cool seems like a good idea, but better idea is to instead plan and publish valuable content that will draw in eyeballs!

But alas, if you insist on designing your own logo, go and buy a copy of Adobe Fireworks CS5.  In addition to logos, Fireworks comes in handy when  you have to mock up a demo site.  I am currently using Adobe CS3, but CS5 has a streamlined user interface and its less buggy under Microsoft Windows 7.

On the left is a super easy text logo.  Yes, you could have modified the actual hyperlink text using DIYthesis CSS but that wouldn’t be more complicated, would it 🙂 ?

After “designing” the logo, save it in the .png file format.

Then log into your wordpress admin panel, under Thesis –> Header image and upload your file and voila!  You have just created and uploaded your new logo!

All kidding aside, please do spend time on more productive endeavors!  You can always make a lot of money and pay someone else to design a jazzy logo!

UPDATE ** JAN 31 2011 **

Holy Batman!  Adobe CS5 Web Premium for Students and Teachers can now be had for $279!!  Fireworks alone cost $99 (upgrade) so this is an awesome Price.  I presume the price drop is due to Adobe Acrobat X coming out soon as part of the revised package deal.

Get it NOW at Amazon now before the price change!

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