How to get yourself started with a web host

Do you feel like sometimes it takes forever to make a decision when it comes to your business decisions?

When it comes to web hosting, a sheer number of available web hosts are just mind boggling.  And everyone has opinions about who is the best.

I have used several web hosts out there past  5 years (DreamHost, BlueHost, 1and1, KnownHost and Hostgator).

I prefer the KnownHost VPS for its simplicity, cost and uptime availability but if you are just starting out, KH maybe an overkill.

I also use Hostgator (actually started out with HG from the beginning) and I can honestly recommend that their shared hosting service is very reasonable.

Plus, if you prepay 3 years worth of payments, you get an awesome 20% discount.

So, don’t just sit there and over analyze it; just do it!

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