How to upload a WordPress plugin

If you are brand new to WordPress and cPanel, it can be little daunting to learn how to do simple things.

No worries.  Keep plugging at it (no pun intended) and you will learn it in no time!

Ok, let’s say you want to install a Google WordPress plug-in.  This is how you can do it:

  1. Log into your main cPanel account (let’s say your master domain name is
  2. Click on the “file manager” and go to the root directory of the addon domain (example would be
  3. Navigate to the WP-CONTENT –> PLUGINS (your file path should look something like this: /public_html/
  4. Look at the upper level screen and click on the “UPLOAD” icon then following the simple on-screen instruction, upload the Google Analytics plugin
  5. When completed, click on the bottom link on the upload page which should take you back to the plugin directory
  6. Highlight the zip file you just uploaded, then click on “EXTRACT”.  All files should be extracted to this file location
  7. Log into the WP-ADMIN from your browser, click “PLUGINS” and then activate.  That’s it!

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