Everyday Apps and Online Tools for 2022



  • GIMP (link) – free, open-source, Photoshop equivalent
  • INKScape (link) – free, open-source, vector graphics software
  • OBS Studio (link) – free and open source software for video recording and live streaming
  • Share X (link) – screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool
  • Shotcut (link) – free, open-source, cross-platform video editor
  • VirtualBox (link) – free, open-source, virtual box container software

Online Tools

  • Blush (link) – easily create and customize illustrations with collections made by artists
  • Coverr (link) – free business and work stock video footage
  • Flourish (link) – data visualization and storytelling
  • Should I Remove it (link) – helping you decide which PC programs to purge
  • untools (link) – collection of thinking tools and frameworks
  • Whatruns (link) – find out what runs a websites
  • What WP Theme Is That (link) – free online tool to detect a WordPress theme and plugins

Other tools

Reference Links

  • Canva – 73 best sites to find awesome free images (link)

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