Capturing online video

There are lots of “free” tools but you have to wonder if some of them contain virus or trojan codes. I’ve been using Applian tools since 2002 and can tell you from my experience that the software is top notch. Apps are frequently updated and upgrade pricing is very fair. Checkout the products here: Replay … Read more

Neat little tools for your website

Want to know how fast your site loads from around the world?  Check out this free tool: Troubleshooting why your site is loading slow?  Check out this fantastic free tool (more extensive than traceroute): It normally takes up to 24 hours to populate the DNS change.  Use this FREE tool to check: … Read more

Hello Verizon FIOS – part 2

If you missed part 1 of my “Hello Verizon FIOS” series , click here If you want to see actual billing comparison between Cablevision and Verizon FIOS, click here INSTALLATION – Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Box Now that the fiber was pulled into my garage, Verizon FIOS technician proceeded to install the ONT box.  This … Read more

Hello Verizon FIOS – part 1

So, you may have read about my not-so-good experience with Cablevision (found here). It’s been little over 4 weeks and so far I am very pleased with Verizon FIOS. On the contrary to what was told me by Cablevision disconnect department, my experience with Verizon FIOS have been very good with fast internet speed, better … Read more

How to view and edit .htaccess file

The original purpose of .htaccess (hypertext access) was to allow per-directory access control (e.g. requiring a password to access the content), hence the name. Nowadays .htaccess can override many other configuration settings, mostly related to content control, e.g. content type and character set, CGI handlers, etc. Directives in the .htaccess file apply to the current … Read more

How to stay safe online using virtual machines

A virtual machine (VM) is nothing more than a piece of software that allows users to mimic a physical computer.  Think of it as installing a small computer within your physical computer. The main advantages of VMs are: multiple OS environments can co-exist on the same computer without impacting other “machines”; utilize a “sandbox” strategy … Read more